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Losing weight in a week

Guaranteed weight loss: initial changes already within a week.

Believe in yourself, trust us, and transform easily. Satisfied clients are our greatest achievement

A joyful girl lost weight together in AMagic - we lose weight in a week

Everything you need to start losing weight

The program "Lose weight in a week with AMagic" is based on the key aspects of weight loss. Try out effective techniques and personalized tips that will change your idea of ​​the weight loss process and give a start to your path to slimness and health.

  • Consulting with coach

    Allows you to determine individual fitness goals, take into account medical restrictions and preferences

  • Food menu plans

    A nutrition plan for every day, individually selected for your goal and taste preferences

  • Workout plans

    A training plan individually selected taking into account physical data and conditions for training (home / gym)

  • Everyday Mentoring

    Control is the best motivator for discipline. Every day you will send a photo report on food intake and current weight

Consulting. Correct assessment and goal setting

We pay special attention to communication with our clients. When communicating, we ask a number of questions about your current condition, health and personal preferences. This helps us to take into account the individual characteristics of each client to achieve the best results.

Consulting. Correct assessment and goal setting

  • Body parameters assessment

    We will help you to correctly assess your body parameters and set the right goals for weight loss

  • Health condition and contraindications

    Mandatory analysis of health status and contraindications for safe and effective weight loss

  • Preferences in products

    We take into account your preferences in products and lifestyle to make the program as comfortable as possible

  • Setting goals and objectives

    We will help you to correctly assess your body parameters and set the right goals for weight loss

  • Setting goals and objectives

    Get a weight loss checklist that will help you achieve your goal

Drawing up a meal plan menu for weight loss

Weight loss is not only about appearance, but also about taking care of your health. Many people are looking for effective methods to achieve their dream shape, and proper nutrition is a key factor in this process. We provide you with a comprehensive meal plan that will not only help you lose weight, but also improve your overall health.

Drawing up a meal plan menu for weight loss

  • Individual calculation of the PFC rate

    We calculate the optimal ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates for your body

  • Accounting for desired and undesired foods

    When creating a nutrition program menu, your preferences and contraindications in foods are taken into account

  • Accounting for the individual characteristics of the body

    Meal plans are created individually for each client by a certified nutritionist

  • Selection of nutritional supplements

    Selecting dietary supplements that will help you lose weight and improve your overall health

Workout program for weight loss in the gym or at home

Unique workouts for weight loss in the gym or at home. Personalized programs for men and women, with a focus on active fat burning. Support from an experienced AMagic trainer at every stage. Achieve your fitness goals with us

Workout program for weight loss in the gym or at home

  • Individual training program for women

    Designed taking into account the characteristics of the female body, it ensures effective weight loss and the formation of a slender, toned figure

  • Individual training program for men

    Specially adapted to men's training needs, aimed at powerful muscle strengthening and increasing endurance

  • Home workout program

    The ideal solution for busy people, allows you to achieve results without leaving the comfort of your home

  • Gym training program

    Maximizes the benefits of gym equipment, providing varied and intense workouts for rapid progress

  • Training program for beginners

    Created taking into account the individual level of training, provides a smooth start to the training process and step-by-step improvement in physical fitness

Mentoring & Control

Personal participation of an AMagic trainer-mentor at every stage. Monitoring the implementation of the nutrition and training program. Adjustment of the program depending on the result. Correction of exercise technique. Support and motivation at every stage

Mentoring & Control

  • Consultation during weight loss

    Personal mentoring from AMagic with supervision and support ensures effectiveness on the path to fitness goals

  • Control of nutrition and training

    Expert advice during your weight loss process for effective strategies and reliable support

  • Daily weight control

    Regular meal reports for precise monitoring and customization of your nutrition program

  • Adjusting the program

    Systematic weight control for dynamic tracking of progress and prompt program correction

  • Correcting exercise technique

    Flexible program adjustment based on monitoring data ensures the relevance of workouts and nutrition

Don't know how to start losing weight?

Start by calculating the PFC normUse our calculator to calculate the norm of Protein, Fats and Carbohydrates

Reviews from satisfied clients of the Lose Weight in a Week program

  • Roman

    Transformation by 16 weeks

  • Tatiana

    Transformation by 10 weeks

  • Kate

    Transformation by 12 weeks

  • Oksana

    Transformation by 2 weeks

  • Artem

    Transformation by 78 weeks

  • Clara

    Transformation by 26 weeks

  • Vira

    Transformation by 5 weeks

  • Tatiana

    Transformation by 16 weeks

  • Irina

    Transformation by 52 weeks

  • Alexey

    Transformation by 20 weeks

  • Pavel

    Transformation by 52 weeks

  • Ruslana

    Transformation by 26 weeks

Prices for training and nutrition programs Lose weight in a week


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